What is the MultiBit adapter

It is a worldwide patented product (www.bockstael.be)
And it is actually a very simple tool that fits on every drill machine (cordless=drill with battery) or non-cordrless.
You don't need to buy a new machine, it fit on new and old machines (also machines without chuck that have 1/4 inch connector

After you just clicked it in 1 second in the chuck of the drill, your adapter is ready to use and have now 8 tools around it.

8 Tools free of choice

  • Always in reach around the machine, you switch in a blind from a drill to a bit holder with Torx to a ratchets and so on ...
  • You can't lose this tools, no need to search everywhere
  • This 8 tools are free of choice, you personalize them like you want

Tools can be a mix of all this

  • Bit holders with free choice of bits
  • Drill for wood
  • Drill for iron
  • Drill for stone (walls)
  • Ratchets
  • Countersink drill
  • ...

You can even have 2 MultiBit adapters 1 adapter with 8 mixed bits and 1 adapter with 8 drills from 3mm 4mm 5mm ...
If the multibit adapter is on the machine but you don't use 1 of the 8 tools, no problem the machine is free to use other tools different than the 8 in the MultiBit adapter