5 April 2015: Working unit full tested and used.

Works perfect, amazing time profit.

18 March 2015: Final unit configured with 8 tools (VERSION 8).

In this configuration we have the multibit adapter with :

  • 3 bitholders with 3 bits
  • iron drill
  • wood drill
  • ratchet
  • high impact bit
  • contersink 10 mm

Also clear on the photo's are the removable tools, so here we see how easy to switch and configure the adapter We are now start production of (VERSION 6) and (VERSION 4) multibit adapter with 6 and with 4 tools. In this cases the adapter have 6 or 4 tools and is a lot smaller. This change in tools falls under same patent protection, we can make the adaptor with 10, 8, 6, 4, ...

all of it
13 March 2015: Production Unit 000001 ready

No words... we did it

Prototype 000001
20 February 2015: Final protype is 3D printed tested works perfect

We start production of symbolic serialnumber : 000001

10 February 2015: Patent granted

Multibit is very proud that in corporation with Patent & law firm we have our worldwide patent (reference: 2015/5039).
We are in talks with some major brands for branding and distributing worldwide

Stay tuned